about us

About Us

Smart Growth for Louisiana is a non-profit group located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 1998, Smart Growth for Louisiana seeks a balance between urban development and environmental preservation. We believe that uncontrolled and unplanned growth inflicts irreparable harms on our communities. Our purpose is therefore to work at precluding harmful sprawl by encouraging manageable and planned development.

Many people don’t consider the long-term effects of unplanned development but instead focus on the immediate benefit of another shopping center or larger parking lot. While such development is often beneficial, it is not always a welcomed change. Here at Smart Growth, we don’t seek to halt development AT ALL. We simply advocate that such development conform to the larger picture.

Where do we want our city to be a decade from now? What steps should we take now to ensure that we get where we want to go? What choices can be made to best facilitate the accomplishment of our planning goals?

These are questions that every citizen should be asking of his/her representatives, civic governments, and neighborhood leaders. Through our education efforts, Smart Growth for Louisiana hopes that the public will start asking these questions for themselves!

Read our mission statement to find out more!