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New Orleans City Representatives Contact List

If you think the City Council and the City Planning Commission should be doing MORE for responsible planning in New Orleans, TELL THEM!!!!!!

New Orleans City Council

A Jay Batt 504-565-6387 [email protected]
B Renee Gill-Pratt 504-565-6376 [email protected]
C Jackie Clarkson 504-565-6321 [email protected]
D Marlin Gusman 504-565-6399 [email protected]
E Cynthia Willard-Lewis 504-565-6445 [email protected]
At-Large Eddie Sapir 504-565-6675 [email protected]
At-Large Oliver Thomas 504-565-6115 [email protected]

City Planning Commission
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 504-565-7888